Space + Dance + Digital (S+D2)

   Development stages pre July 2023

each film can be enlarged by clicking arrows in the top left corner once the film has started

Link: S+D2 initial work website: 

Film 1: Example of viewing and moving with choreography

This is an example of some choreography of Adesola dancing  viewed through AR equipment. The dance can be engaged with anywhere using the AR glasses. 

The choreography is captured as white and yellow dots. This choreography capture has not been created into a finished work, which would code the dots into trails and colors (not just dots). In this example you can also see how the AR user’s hands (and the circle dots that correspond to their hands) can move with the choreography. These would also eventually be trails with color. See Film 3 for example of trails and color.

[1.21 mins]

Film 2: Example of movement capture with some trails on fingers of the dancer doing the choreography (screen capture)

[2.03 mins]

Film 3: Example of a choreography with trails and color coded (experimental film)

This example is of a dance with trails marking movement but the choreography is not yet put into the AR format. 

Choreography and dance Adesola Akinleye

Sound: written description of movement put to music by Brittany Padilla.

[2.21 mins]

Film 4: ‘…whispers’ excerpt (2019)

Previous work that began ideas of immersion work using projection that informs and leading to the proposed AR work. Example of installation work. Excerpt from  ‘…whispers’ DancingStrong Movement Lab. premiered in 2019

Performers: Adesola Akinleye, Helen Kindred and Charlie Ford

Film:  Ana Garcia Delgado 

[3.48 mins]