Soma Salon 002

On Tuesday May 3rd (ACT Cube), Saturday May 7th (The Herter Garden) and Wednesday May 11th (ACT Cube)  we are holding Soma Salons that suggest the idea of a movement, the bodily, as being the starting point for a discussion. Informed by eight Morning Conversations that were made into pod-casts during Fall 2020, these Soma Salons are culmination of the artistic research residency Dr.Akinleye conducted at MIT.

May 7th The Herter Park Intercommunity Gardens: We are excited to invite you to the Soma Salon 002 that includes the final presentation for the course Art & the Public Sphere (Choreographing the City). The course develops an emerging lexicon for movement in urban space, merging notions of choreography, city-making, community and the new climatic regime. The urban domain has become the main site in which the climate crisis is felt, while also functionig as the place where alternative futures are imagined and performed. Thus this effort attempts to connect with the community of Herter Intercommunity Garden as a site of resilience. 

We invite you to join this event as respondents to share your comments and observations about your felt experiences cultivating the garden, as a community and site of multiperspective imaginaries. We will be presenting the works of the following students: 

Branching by Iris Zeng, MIT Architecture 

Tilting the Scales by Lauren Gideonse and Katherine Rotman, MIT Architecture 

Garden Song by Danny Clarke, Harvard GSD: PUBLICS 

Dream Study by Phoebe Yang, Harvard Graduate School of Education 

Interventions by Kun Wei, Harvard GSD: Landscape