Upcoming Events

Book launch: The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being

Mon 31 January 2022


The University of Manitoba Press will launch The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being on Zoom on Monday, January 31 at 7pm CT. The launch will feature a conversation between the book’s four editors (Nancy Van Styvendale, JD McDougall, Robert Henry, and Robert Alexander Innes) and a panel of contributing authors. 

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Past Events

How We Live Now: Reimagining Spaces with Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative

Mon 17 May 2021 – Thu 23 December 2021

Barbican London, Level G

The exhibit considers who our buildings and shared spaces are designed for, who is excluded from our designed environment, and what effect this has on the communities who live there? A jumping off point for these questions is an unseen archive of work by the radical 1980s feminist architecture co-operative Matrix.

My work is displayed as part of the Black Females in Architecture section. Movement treatment and stills from the film The Future is a Common History – Jayden Ali.

BODY IQ 2021: Bodies of Culture, Communities & Places

Fri 19 November 2021 – Sun 21 November 2021

Somatische Akademie, Berlin

BODY IQ 2021 aims address questions of embodied recovery & revisioning in the context of global ethical, social & ecological crises and change. BODY IQ is a festival that celebrates ourselves as living, pulsating and communicating bodies. Without embodiment there is no experience – without experience there is no foundation for intelligence or cultural evolution.

Central School of Ballet Research & Scholarship Day

Wed 21 July 2021
2:00pm (Europe/London - BST)

Central School of Ballet, Countess of Wessex Studios, London

This staff development event packed with cutting-edge-thinking about dance training. It has been designed specifically as a resource for CSB to address our current issues and stimulate our practices. 

Keynote: Adesola Akinleye (Re:)Claiming Ballet: Adesola will unpack what it can mean to be involved in research through our practice. From the very first plié of the ballet class we can enquire about ourselves; how our body moves, what we notice, how we connect. Adesola will draw our attention to the ways in which we are already actively engaged with research through our practices. Followed by presentations from Suzie Crow Pursuing artistry in the ballet technique class; Claire Farmer Strength training for ballet; Zhibo Zhao Improvisation and ballet training

Kinesthesia Film Festival

Fri 16 July 2021 – Sun 18 July 2021

Middlesex University, London

In partnership with Middlesex University, Kinesthesia is a new moving image festival curated by Dominique Rivoal and Claire Loussouarn, Adesola Akinleye, Gitta Wigro, and ID. With a focus on the body as the agent of seeing rather than as an object of display, it invites makers and viewers to challenge the domination of the visual over other senses in our culture.