Past Events

Adesola teaching open dance classes at Independent Dance (ID): Joy, Peace & Love ballet

Mon 21 November 2022 – Fri 25 November 2022
10:00am – 12:00pm (Europe/London - GMT)

Independent Dance, Elephant and Castle, London

Joy, Peace and Love ballet is a dance movement class for the mind and body emphasising the importance positive self-talk techniques in dance class. Adesola teaches the importance of ballet technique as a way for expanding the of possibility of the moving body and expanding the possibility of your imagination for yourself. Ballet has been a site of trauma for some in the past, Joy, Peace, and Love ballet is about reclaiming your love for ballet, prancing, turning and being fabulous! The class is done to 21st Century popular music, please wear ballet shoes or socks.  

Book Launch of Navigations: Scoring the Moment

Wed 23 November 2022
6:30pm – 8:00pm (Europe/London - GMT)

The launch of my book with @cityastheatre and @marta.michalowska editor. Join us to celebrate the launch of Navigations: Scoring the Moment. Groupwork @groupwork_arch

‘There are cities that are walking cities or driving cities; there are quiet, loud, fast, slow, broad or high cities, and the bodies within them are shaped by the need to navigate them, while that process of navigation, in turn, shapes the cities. Urban designers, engineers, architects, exhibition curators and choreographers share a common interest in creating movement around, in, and through places.

Each of these disciplines comes with its own language, verbal and/or somatic: a structured system of words, ideas, movements, rules, meanings and assumptions that can lead to slippages or ‘failures’ in communication outside the narrow field of their specialisms. And those instances of slippages have provided the starting point for dancer, choreographer and Theatrum Mundi’s Research Fellow Adesola Akinleye to define a transdisciplinary lexicon of Place-making: a scaffolding for shared exploration, liberating communication from the contingencies and limitations of different subject areas.’

I will be in conversation with TM Co-Director Marta Michalowska and guests including Helen Kindred.

Presentation of Dancing the digital with the ecologically connected-body at VII Congreso Nacional y IV Internacional La investigación en Danza

Sat 19 November 2022
4:00am – 5:00am (Europe/Madrid - CET)

Madrid and online

I will presenting with Gonzalo Preciado-Azanza in Madrid, Spain. Dancing the digital with the ecologically connected-body was a dance-based collaborative research project developed as part of SPACE+DIGITAL+DANCE Movement Lab. The project was carried out across UK, Latvia, and Spain. We explored how our collaborative choreographic process could be augmented by the use of new digital technology and exploration of simple algorithms.

IMMERSED IN: Contemporary Dance

Wed 28 September 2022
11:00am – 12:00pm (America/New_York - EDT)

MIT.namo (Zoom event)

What does it mean artistically and politically for dance to take advantage of the boundary between physical and digital space?

In the Immersion Lab, Dr. Akinleye has been tracking movement in space without capturing the dancer’s body shape. This creates an artwork of ‘pure movement’ without many of the social and political constructs that seeing the body that is producing the movement would impose on the meaning of the movement. This work also allows the AR audience member to step into the movement, be present in and contribute to the choreography. Her research explores collaborative place-making and new ways of artistic and political togetherness through the digital and the dance space.

Adesola teaching open class at Ballez, New York: joy, peace & love ballet

Fri 19 August 2022
12:00pm – 1:45pm (America/New_York - EDT)

Gibney, 890 Broadway, New York