a multi-coloured abstract painting with a dancer moving as if coming out of the painting.

SPLASH! is a 40 minute immersive interactive performance for young audiences and their families. It incorporates live dance and music with original artwork pieces both hung and projected as part of the immersive nature of the show. The audience follows the course of a small stream, to a river running through a city to, the wide ocean.

The work includes an extensive gallery exhibition of artwork generated from the collaboration of dancer and visual artists. 

Workshops that accompany the performance include family drawing workshops and story telling. 


SPLASH! has be developed out of the research of Concrete, Water, Flesh and is an interactive, immersive performance work for galleries and community spaces.

The show explore our human relationship with water for young audiences and their community while taking audiences on a journey of movement through artwork, sound, and dance. 

R&D funded by Arts Council England with support from Irie! Dance Theatre and Texas Woman’s University