Light Steps

Workshops, and performances for young audiences. <blockquote>England, 2014 - 2018</blockquote>
dancer reaching out with yellow bird toy
Light Steps, photo: J. Culleton

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 Light Steps is a 40 to 45-minute music & dance performance aimed at children aged 2-5 years and their families in theatre and Early Years settings.  Light Steps centers on Alex, an endearing rag doll, woken by the morning light to explore a day punctuated by points of light as the sun travels across the sky. Alex’s journey is overseen by three friends (two dancers and a musician) whose movement, music and dance mirror Alex’s feelings and curiosity as they experience the journey of the sun across the sky.  Beginning with first light, the dance and music (a profoundly beautiful live soundtrack by Jake Alexander) trace the sun’s morning light, followed by something flying by in the midmorning, then a cloud over head in the mid-day sky, the light on the tide coming in in the afternoon, and finally a beautiful sunset, Alex’s day is an adventure in colour, music and dance which children can enjoy and participate in, free to be themselves.