ILA project: the making of ‘Found’

Community project between artists, schools and their local museums or art galleries. Inter-active performance work for Young audiences. <blockquote>South East England & Flint, Michigan 2016 - 2019</blockquote>
boy look at inside of a box a dancer is holding.

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Found is an engaging and lively 40-minute music & dance performance aimed at children aged 4-7 years and their families in theatre and educational settings.  With live music and an invitation to audiences to play and participate, Found looks at what connects us to each other and our surroundings drawing on stories of discovery, exploration and travel.  A drift on their own islands the performers bring audiences into a magical world where connections become visible as soundwaves ripple through bodies and lines and angles converge in new journeys and forms.

Inspired by objects selected from local museums, Found was created through the ILA project that asked How young people from immigrant families reclaim the museum, and their own cultural landscapes?

ILA project making Found to place in residencies with three Primary schools.  The show provides an adventure in colour, line, music and dance which children can enjoy and participate in, and feel free to be themselves.

Found was created out of the ILA project. This was a project bring schools together their local museum or gallery In London UK, Bristol UK and Flint USA.

The article ‘…wind in my hair I feel a part of everywhere…’:creating dance for young audiences narrates emplacement published in Journal of Dance and Somatic Studies 2019, was written as reflection about performing the work.